For some clients we manage diversified portfolios that cover a distinct asset class, using a combination of internal and external managers selected to hit specific performance targets.


  • Low-turnover, concentrated portfolios derived from sound, bottom-up, fundamental research.
  • Fixed Income
  • Portfolios built from a foundation of stability coupled with fundamental credit research.
  • Hedge Funds
  • Multimanager funds and customized hedge fund portfolios.
  • Private Equity, Real Estate and Energy
  • Proprietary multimanager funds, more than 100 feeder funds as well as select direct investment opportunities


Life is complicated. Like many people, you may wrestle with a long list of complex issues—some directly related to your investments, others less so—that greatly affect your future.

At JJ Lloyd, we offer our clients proactive strategic advice to help them make sound investment decisions over the long term. We aim to be the first call our clients make when they need to ask someone, “What do you think I should do?”



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